Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Help Needed: Baby Blockade!

We had a lot of fun over the weekend in the DC metro area with both of our families (separate pic-filled post to follow!), but seeing that my parents' home isn't babyproofed and ours is for the most part, I wanted to share one particular area that's presented a challenge for us: the kitchen.

Most newer apartments/homes have an open floorplan and ours is no different. The bar doesn't align flush to the wall so there isn't a way (at least that I can imagine) for us to set up a traditional baby gate. For now we use the pack-n-play and sometimes in conjunction with the drying rack to set up a blockade to keep Nia from getting into the kitchen.

If I'm in the kitchen, we close the gap
Sometimes she manages to push her way through (it looks very painful as she squeezes and contorts her body!), and when she does she makes a beeline for the salt shaker. All of our spices are open - air as we don't have enough shelf/pantry space for them and I'm tempted to put them up on the wall to the right with some IKEA shelving (they're in an IKEA bookshelf for now): 

I don't know what it is about the salt shaker but she is absolutely obsessed with it! She sucked on the top of it so hard that her spit crept down in it solidifying the salt so unfortunately, I had to throw the whole thing away. Now she goes for the oregano instead! 

So readers: do you have a suggestion for how to better blockade this awkward space to keep Nia out of the kitchen? I spend so much time there as we eat home cooked meals about 95% of the time and while I don't want to hamper what might be her interest in food/cooking I obviously want to keep her safe.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I wonder if putting all the items on a top shelf in the kitchen might be helpful since you guys are in there so often, she might want to join in the fun! Other than i've got nuthin! good luck...sounds like an adventure:-) can't wait! i think:-)

  2. Hi! Love your blog - been reading it for a little while, but have never commented. It sounds like it'll be easier to move the spices as opposed to being able to keep your curious little one away from them :) I'd go with your original thought of getting some IKEA shelving. They also have those cute little magnetic containers/jars that you can stick on a fridg ( guessing most people have too many spices for a fridg tho ) or on a magnetic board. Think they sell the board too.
    Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the suggestions! Yes, I think a high shelf is in order, but I'm still struggling with how to keep her away from the entire area in general - I don't want her by the oven or pulling out the freezer drawer either. I found a custom gate that's over $100 (!), but hoping I can find something less expensive or we may end up moving soon enough anyway so can find a more child-proofable layout.

  4. Sit her in her high chair and give her things to do. She can stay in the kitchen with you safely.