Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pt. 2 of How Mr. Love Bird Surprised Me

I totally forgot I didn't divulge the remaining details of Pt. 2 of Mr. Love Bird's surprise for me last week! {You can read about Pt. 1 here.}

He didn't want to tell me until we went to depart, but because logistics were getting complicated he had no choice but to spill the beans . . .

{Photo Credit: Lehigh Valley Live}
We went to Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA! I had guessed that we were going to Atlantic City and I was very close (my parents actually went there the same weekend to see Sade).

It was kinda funny that Mr. Love Bird chose this destination as they were a former client of mine! I had been there a few times before during construction and various phases and had noticed their new developments in posters on the Path train when I went to visit Uka at his job for the first time with Nia a few weeks ago. I pointed them out to him, and he didn't even bat an eye - sly fox! 

What was so momentous about this trip was that it was the first time I had been away from Nia overnight. Since she's not weaned and I rarely, if ever, pump, I was a bit concerned. It turned out she was fine (thanks to my sisters watching her!), and I didn't leak until it was time to return home the following morning (I had to hand-express my milk). It was so nice to be able to sleep uninterrupted! 

Although we didn't win anything, it was cool to see the casino finished. It took forever for PA to pass table games, and they were definitely a big hit with the July 4th crowds.

Another highlight of our visit was eating at Carnegie Deli. It was on my list of places to eat in NYC, and it's kinda funny that it took going to PA to try it! I had a pastrami sandwich, and while it was a better value than Katz's I have to say I prefer Katz's. Carnegie's meat wasn't hot or as tender and juicy as Katz's, but I like their quantity of meat and bread more.

Overall it was a fun trip and despite it being just one night, it was well worth it!


    1. I love casinos! That sounds like a fun trip. We are headed to NYC in a couple of weeks...staying at E 61st & 2nd ave near Central Park. We should get the girls together for a play date!

    2. @Teresha@Marlie and Me Of course! I'll e-mail you my # and we can get together =)