Friday, July 15, 2011

Speaking of the 80s . . .

{Photo Credit: Amazon}
Nia's first birthday theme's got me SO excited that I wanted to share a few funny old school Sesame Street videos. They're not exactly 80s but they continued to be shown in the 80s although they were created in the 60s and 70s. Nia received volume 1 of Old School Sesame Street from our dear friend Melissa P., and while I wanted to wait until she was two to let her watch it, I couldn't help break it open a few weeks ago. Boy, does she LOVE it!

We were watching the following clip and I was so surprised to hear her laugh at it too, just like Joey in the clip! Nia has an advanced sense of humor! I'd like to try to get a video of her watching it, but that would take a bit of coordination with Mr. Love Bird.

And of course Nia loves John John as much as I did:

Nia responds to this clip with wide-eyed wonder; she looks at the screen like, "I want to play with these little girls! Why didn't they include me?" I used to adore this clip too when I was a child:

I do have to say that while I love Sesame Street there are some clips that now watching as an adult I completely believe were created under the influence of drugs such as these:

The dandelion image freaked me out as a kid! I still shudder when I see it!

Finally, I have to share my two all time favorite Sesame Street clips:

I wanted to live somewhere where the kids were this diverse!

I used to imagine me and my mom in this scenario! I used to wonder how a little girl was allowed to go to the store all by herself - I had no concept of NYC bodegas. LOL!

Am I missing any of your favorites? Does anyone remember these?