Friday, July 22, 2011

Sun Deprived?

Making a silly face in my window-less office in 2007
Has anyone seen that Chili's commercial lately with the people coming out of the office and surprised by the sun? Well if not, here it is:

I LOVE this commercial! While it's almost 2 years since I've been in an office environment, I do not miss this aspect AT. ALL. Although with this current heatwave Nia and I have been indoors mostly this week, I like the freedom to move about and experience the sunshine! There's nothing more soul-crushing in an office environment than to not be near a window during the day. The worst is in the winter when you wake up and it's dark and you come home and it's dark.  I also used to lament how I'd be so busy even in the spring and summer that I wouldn't be able to step out at lunch and have to eat lunch at my desk. Ughhh!

When I did the Modern Bride of the Year Contest, those 3 days in July were a welcome respite from the indoors. Each day we were chaufferred around meeting with Kleinfeld's staff, making handbags at a custom boutique, going to fabulous restaurants and moving between the studio and outdoors for our shoot. It was great! I guess that was what being a celebrity feels like, but more so than that the experience solidified that I need to be in charge of my own schedule and my own destiny! If I want to catch up on e-mail in the park, write in a coffee shop or check out a daytime concert or lecture, then I want to have the flexibility to do that.

Not everyone likes that lifestyle. I've had friends who have told me they looooove working in an office: being in a cube, going to meetings, having office supplies - the whole thing - they absolutely love it. Me? Not so much!

For now I'm happy having my "office" be NYC with me and my Nia! 

Do any of my readers feel like the officemates in the Chili's commercial? What are your strategies for sneaking in some vitamin D?


  1. i work in DC so we have to move our cars every two hours...we get plenty of vitamin D because of that...

  2. Currently living in the northeast most of the year, I am looking for the sunshine and Vitamin D. I often suggest to my husband that we need a sunlamp. :)