Friday, August 5, 2011

Sad, Sad Walls

Since we are still in the midst of an unsure housing situation, we haven't put hardly anything up on our walls in the nearly two years we've lived in our apartment. To me, our walls have zero character which doesn't phase Mr. Love Bird, but it drives me bananas. If you were to walk in our home you'd see it has almost no personality. I've been thinking of ways to spruce up the walls especially this area above our buffet cabinet:

Our sad bare wall (frames for the project on the left)
You may remember I picked up some 10"x13" frames at Family Dollar during my $200 shopping spree courtesy of Wendy Williams. My intent was to put patterned/textured paper similar to what I saw over on Young House Love:

Photo Credit
I was thinking of using wallpaper samples but came across these beautiful sheets of paper from Paper Source over on Effortless Style:

Photo Credit
The best part is they're just under $5 per sheet so my wall decor project will only set me back $20!

Another idea for wall art that I had bookmarked is the American Cancer Society's gallery. They have some inexpensive selections such as these and the best part is the proceeds help save lives:

Once you've selected your art, check out Pottery Barn's interactive tool here for creating a well balanced placement {I wasn't paid by Pottery Barn to share this - I just happen to like this tool!}.

Anyone have more fun (and budget friendly!) wall decor ideas?


  1. Thanks for sharing the ideas. As I sit here glancing at my walls after a recent move, it reminds me that I need to finish decorating the wall. So trust you are in good company. :)

  2. Ugh! I'm in the same boat! We have no personality in this cluttered lil apartment. in 11 months we move. (been here 2 years...signed a 2 year lease after year 1) I cannot wait to have a new space to make our own.

  3. good luck with your wall art project. I love the idea of using scrapbook paper to brighten up your walls. I used fabric samples in my home as art. you can print images for free at the New York Public Library's website.
    here's the link, and you can also print pics for free at the Graphics Fairy's site too! hope this you find this helpful.

  4. I always manage to put something on my walls even if I can't paint! I'm a picture freak so I love the framed pictures!! Good luck putting something together:-)