Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sorta Update: Baby Blockade

We're back from Columbus, Ohio and while I have lots of pics to track down and upload, I wanted to quickly say thank you for the suggestions on the Baby Bloackade post

While I do let Nia sit in her high chair and watch me cook, while keeping her busy with kitchen utensils (her current favorite is the whisk), the bigger problem I have is keeping her out of the kitchen period  - not necessarily the spice rack, that just so happens to be her recent obsession. The oven is beside the spice rack and I don't want her being able to enter the kitchen at all, but since we have an open floor plan a conventional baby gate is not going to work.

I did come across this odd-shaped one, but the price tag is waaaay over my budget:

Photo Credit
So for now, I'll stick to using the playpen/drying rack and chasing her down. Besides, it's very good exercise and perhaps it's working as I just found out (surprisingly!) last week at my physical that I'm 2 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight! WOOT WOOT! 


  1. We have an an open floor downstairs, I know the anxiety of not being able to keep her out of certain areas. At school, the kids are in the kitchen all the time, so we couldn't prevent her from wanting to be in there if we tried. Instead, we taught her how to be safe in the kitchen. Since age 1, she's had her own table and her own drawer and a little cabinet with some utensils. She loves to help out with food prep and washing dishes. So far no accidents!

  2. I used the high chair and play pen as long as I could. Wonderful items. However, I agree with the above comment that trying to teach safety is also key. Despite your best efforts they will venture off. Good luck!
    Congrats on the weight loss, isn't it an awesome feeling!!

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