Monday, September 12, 2011

How Lil Love Bird Sleeps

After she falls asleep I can't help but sneak a peek . . . 

She insisted on keeping her shoes on during nap time

My favorite!


  1. She is so beautiful! How old is she?

  2. I'm to afraid to go in and check out V sleeping. If I mess up her nap we will both be sorry.

    I imagine it looks something like the Nia's. V moves all over the place in her sleep.

    Nia hugging the stuffy is heart melting. Awww.

  3. @Amber Thank you Amber! Nia just turned 13 months old (reminds me I shoulda done a "Life with Nia" post yesterday!).

  4. Awww my Lil Mama sleeps in the balled up position too. I think I will be sad when she stops doing it. She's done it since she was a newborn.