Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Top Tip for Efficient Living

This photo really has nothing to do with this post - I just thought it was funny!

I can't remember whose Twitter feed I read it on, but a couple months ago it referenced a concept that I believed in, but had never put into words:

Completing the cycle

It really is as simple as it sounds.

Here's an example: If you come home from work, throw your bag down, peel outta your clothes and leave them in a pile on the the bed and toss the mail on your dresser that is NOT completeing the cycle.

Instead completing the cycle is coming home from work, putting your shoes away from a place someone can trip over them, hanging up your coat, putting your clothes in the hamper, sorting the mail, unpacking your bag and putting your lunch container in the dishwasher/hand washing. 

It really is a simple system.

I've found that I've been really good at completing the cycle especially when it comes to cooking. I can't stand having a messy kitchen and when I make something I have to clean up any resemblance of cooking that took place. I grew up in a home where completing the cycle was not the norm, but somehow I've just picked this up and have found it works tremendously for keeping our apartment clean.

Last month I explained this concept to Mr. Love Bird to try to get him on board (his coming home routine resembles the first part of the example I gave above). I rattled off a few examples:

"If I make a sandwich and put the bread, meat and mustard away that is completing the cycle. Leaving it out on the counter is not."

"If I put on my make-up and leave the containers on the bathroom counter that is not completing the cycle. Putting them away is. "

You get the gist and he did too.

Now all I have to say, "You didn't complete the cycle!" and he knows exactly what I'm talking about. And yes, he likes to make fun of me when I say it (he'll say back in a robot voice: "I.did.not.complete.the cycle.") and while it is funny I think it's definitely making things better around here!

{To read more about the concept of completing the cycle go here.} 


  1. I love this concept! I don't do it perfectly (especially when I'm cooking or with laundry) but I am 10X better than The Mister. He *never* completes the cycle of anything. He takes the trash out and then doesn't put a bag in the can. Your sandwich example is on point too because I am forever putting away the peanut butter. I complain about this all.the.time. This will give me an easy shorthand way to tag him!

  2. Haha, I just sent this to my hubby.

  3. hmm...completing the cycle, i like this idea. i need to post this phrase on every wall in my house for my daughter to see!

  4. My husband needs to read this! Very well said!! You my friend deserve an award for this post. ;)