Monday, September 26, 2011

Nia's New Harlem Playmate!

So excited to share that my Wellesley College roommate Maria A. had a baby girl on Friday! They also live in Harlem so I'm very excited for Nia to have a new playmate - especially a little girl. Nia's last little playmate moved to Boston a few months ago so I'm looking forward to next summer when Nia and her new playmate, Alessandra can toddle around together!

Maria is VERY crafty, gardens and cooks exceptionally (her life is extremely blog-worthy!). I'm so excited to visit her and see all the fun things she made for Alessandra. She and her husband didn't find out the gender beforehand and while I thought for months she was carrying a little girl towards the end I started to think it was a boy. Guess my initial gut instinct was right!

Maria had a lovely gender neutral shower in her backyard last month and agreed that I could share a few pics with my readers:

My favorite shot
Nia loves Maria! (Matching colors was a coincidence!)
Maria and I in the nursery - love the wallpaper!
As usual there was yummy food: berry&whipped cream topped grilled French toast, eggs, bacon and sausage
Maria and Greg's lovely backyard
I loved her yellow theme (and the dress she made herself!).

Congratulations Maria and Greg on your precious baby girl!