Monday, September 26, 2011

My "Webify Me"

Totally not a promotional post, but I took it upon myself to take the "Webify Me" quiz on Firefox, and it came up with this collage:

Here's a breakdown of the descriptions for certain items that were spot-on:

Date Book - You know what's next; you have it all written down in your date-book - the symbol of The Organizer. {Make that my BlackBerry!}

Knitting Needles - With your own hands you create that which you desire, and make it purely your own.

Tab Stickers - Go ahead and open up all the tabs you want - there's never a last call for browsing. {This is especially funny since Mr. Love Bird gets annoyed at how many tabs I have open at once at any given moment!}

Buttons - A sign of pluck, resourcefulness and a keen eye.

Have any of you taken the Webify Me quiz? Did you find it accurate too? You can take it here.