Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Recap: 31 Years Old

I really wanted to post this recap yesterday, but I ODed on Better Than Sex Cake (and a ton of other sweets!) so I crashed hard before I could get the post up.

Anyway, I had a very nice, quiet birthday! It was rainy (like last year's birthday), but it cleared up in time for Nia and me to meet my friend Melinda and her son Jerve, who is 2 but shares the same birthday as Nia. 

The cuties enjoyed playing with each other, and we got some time in at the park. Nia and Jerve had fun "brushing" the playground frog's teeth:

Brushing the frog's teeth
Melinda was a sweetie and gave me a vanilla candle (which I've been enjoying) and a notepad. Jerve even colored the giftbag it was in and told me, "Happy Birthday!" He is such a cutie (Nia thought so too and kept kissing and hugging him!).

The day seemed to fly by from there especially because I couldn't get Nia to nap. We had a lot of playtime and dance time together as well as our usual struggles to eat solids.

Lunchtime (looks promising, but it ended up on the floor)
Mr. Love Bird got home right at 6p.m. and went to work grilling for the delicious chicken scampi he made, and my sister Ariane stopped by to enjoy it with us followed by Better Than Sex Cake. We were all done by 8p.m. Hooray for an early night! Unfortunately, Nia missed the festivities since she didn't get an afternoon nap so she went to bed very early.

I wasn't expecting much else, but Mr. Love Bird had hinted at my present earlier in the week and it turns out it's a 2 hour spa date for a massage and (much needed) facial. He is a mind reader! I was just tweeting about how badly I needed a facial especially because I've been noticing my skin changing.

I didn't look very glamorous on my birthday so I'm not updating that other pic but here's a pic of me with Mr. Love Bird (I realized I should've taken a pic of me and my sister Ariane too but oh well!):

Overall it was a good birthday and as much as I sometimes get frustrated with Mr. Love Bird, he really stepped up for my birthday, and I really appreciate his thoughtfulness!

I loved the dish he prepared so much that I ran out to get another lemon so we can make it again tomorrow (and hopefully this time have leftovers since we KILLED the pot of pasta!).

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on the last post!


  1. awww that sounds like a lovely birthday!! im glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. I love when hubbies step up their game..i guess that's why we love them. glad it was a good birthday. that picture of you two is adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a good day!

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome day! Here's to a wonderful year :)