Monday, September 19, 2011

Some People Give the Devil Too Much Credit!

Not too long ago I RT this:

I could not agree more! Growing up in church I heard too many folks blame everything on "the devil" (and some of these folks still do). It drove me nuts! They would blame their financial state, the reason for their job circumstances or their health on the devil. 

C'mon people!

As I took a closer look at those who continually blame the devil I realized it was a coping strategy to scapegoat him vs. admitting to their poor choices. That's what's so awesome about free will: we can make our own choices. Sure they may not come out how we want them to, but I've learned that no matter what happens they are definitely learning experiences.

I came across this quote that sums up my philosophy:

"When everything around you seems to be getting harder and harder, remember that you have the choice to make you stronger and stronger." 

How awesome is that? 

In the same vein, and a lot less religious, this blog post from Simple Dollar deconstructed another scapegoat: "they:"

No matter what is going on in your life, you can probably find a reason why someone else’s actions is keeping you from what you want. There are many elements of life that are outside of our direct control, and when the people who are in control of those elements make choices that don’t benefit us, it can be incredibly frustrating.

However, it is in that moment of frustration that you decide whether or not you’re going to succeed.

I could not agree more!


  1. Great point! We have to own up to what we do / don't do, and also sometimes God is putting us through things so we can learn from it.