Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Special Cause: Gianna's Piggy Bank

A dear fellow mommy-friend of mine, April, shared the news with me 2 weeks ago that her cousin, Gianna, had been diagnosed with with a rare form of cancer called "renal medullary carcinoma" in June of 2011 and unfortunately, it was rapidly progressing. She was 22 and a loving wife, a beautiful daughter and a friend to so many.

Gianna and her husband
I had planned to share Gianna's story here and wanted to make a donation on the page her family set up, and when I went on the website this evening to finally do so I saw that sadly she had passed away. 

I still made my donation as her family is in need of help with her funeral arrangements and I wanted to share her website you you and ask that if you can to contribute any amount:

My heart goes out to April and Gianna's family.

You are in my prayers.