Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time for Baby #2?

41wks and SO over it!
I turn 31 tomorrow and as I had posted about having a baby before 30  of course now everyone's asking about the next Little Love Bird. 

Well a couple weeks ago I had a nightmare: I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, and I woke up angry and in a panic.

Clearly I am not ready for baby #2!

I had always thought I'd want my children a couple years apart, but Nia is quite a handful, and I cannot imagine having another baby any time soon. Mr. Love Bird and I sit in amazement at our moms and dads as we both come from families with four children. How on earth did they do it?

We've decided the key to our parents' success was having family close by who could help out with childcare. Now that families often live so far apart it's not the same for those of our generation who grew up being watched by aunties and grandmothers. 

I came across this funny checklist on Baby Center to determine if one is ready for a second child. Here's a few items that made me laugh:

2. While chasing your overactive toddler around the house as he/she throws pasta sauce on the carpet and spaghetti on the ceiling, you think— this would be so much more fun if done in the company of a crying newborn!

5. You woke up the other day and thought— “These pajamas are really comfortable! Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could wear them day in and day out for the next nine to twelve months straight?”

6. You find yourself with five minutes of free time and would like to fill it with spit-up deflection, poop containment and projectile vomit clean-up.

When I was pregnant a few moms would often tell me, "Oh you're going to miss being pregnant once she's out," and guess what?

No, I don't - not. one. bit.

Of course Nia was worth all the awful things that pregnancy entailed, but I have no desire to go back there anytime soon. 

Seriously, this summer I relished in pulling out my wardrobe and (thanks to breastfeeding) squeezing back into my clothes. I loved every minute of it including being able to see my feet!

So yeah, no baby #2 on the horizon for us. 

Nia has our cup full and running over (and over and over).


  1. Congratulation. God bless all of you.

  2. HA! I hear you -- I wake up in panic over Baby #1!!! The Man is the middle child of FIVE -- his mother is my hero. That is strength. You two seem like amazing and smart parents. You'll know when you're really ready to do it all over again. In the meantime, enjoy the heck out of your birthday. Happy early!!!!

  3. we're talking more and more about a second. we'll see what we come up with. you may have scared me a little bit with those points. more stuff to think of! :0

  4. Honestly, I always knew I wanted to have more than one child because my mom was an only child and she told me if I only wanted one don't have any. That was extreme, but nonetheless, it always was in the back of my mind. So when our daughter came along I was happy. But, as time moved on, I had NO urges for another child. Matter of fact, I was quite happy with 1. Like many people, we have no friends and family that could help us with daycare, so having two toddlers or a toddler and an infant in daycare at the same time would be very expensive. What started softening my stance is Christen's loneliness. She constantly wanted to play and talk and as much as I wanted to do so with her at her demand, I had to cook, clean and get us ready for the next day. One day we were playing catch outside and after the 100th ball, I told her I was going back in and she said," I wish I had a brother/sister that liked to play as much as I did." That forced me to reflect on all the times my sister and I played together and had so much fun. We lived in a rough neighborhood growing up, so we did not hang out with the "crew" we hung out with each other. So, that sealed it...we started trying. It took longer than I hoped, but God has his plan for our good. Now baby #2 will come at end of this year so after 6months of maternity leave baby#2 goes to daycare two months before big sister goes to Kindergarten!! God's perfect timing :-) My daughters will be 4 years apart ( my sister and I were only 2 ), but I think I will have at least 4-5 good years of siblings that actually like to hang with one another:-)

  5. This is so funny because last night I had a dream that I took a positive pregnancy test. It was extra positive because instead of 2 pink lines there were 4 pink lines LOL. I was so angry in my dream! Angry at the makers of my birth control. Angry that I wouldn't be able to run my race in December.

    I'm not ready.

    #2 in that list is freaking hilarious.

  6. You are being honesty...i am not even close to baby #1 and i am like NOOOOOOO! so i can imagine. take your time, you will be ready when the time comes!

  7. Girlfriend, you and me are on the same team! lol
    When I was trying for my son, it consumed my thoughts day and night...I knew I was ready. Well, those thoughts are long gone, and now my thoughts are content that my 4 yr old can dress himself, go to the bathroom on his own, feed himself and sleeps through the night! Praise the Lord!!! =)
    So I admire the wonderful ladies who have more than one child. You all are truly awesome! But at 33 now, I think the moment may have passed.
    However, I reserve the the right to deny this entire comment in the event of an unexpected surprise. (Knocks on wood).

  8. Why can not people just allow you to enjoy your child instead of ask what is next? I am sure they mean well, but it can be annoying.

  9. I'm kind of having baby fever however I'm not trying. I guess my fever is just because I know I was Jas to have at least 1 sibling and I want them to be fairly close in age.

  10. If you are having nightmares that's definitely as sign that you aren't ready. You are still young and healthy so take your time. :-)

  11. I had baby fever for a while but it's passed for now. We're definitely not ready for baby #1. My aunt and uncle are going to be trying for #2 now that my cousin is turning 3. Do it on your time, if at all.