Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Nostalgia

I was over on New Mom in the Windy City and was reminded of a post that I had wanted to write about Nia's "baby nostalgia." The past few months she's been wanting to play with her baby toys and it's so funny! I came up with the term baby nostalgia for the feeling she must be getting when she "asks" me to pull her old toys out so she can play with them (she can even say, "Peaseeee?" now when she wants something; too cute!):

Hard to tell but Mr. Love Bird is hidden under there too!

Yes, she wears clothing sometimes

In her own world

Caught in the act!

Mommy, help me down!
Having fun
So funny how high her head is! She's too big!

Her bear "Baba" is included in the nostalgia

Cuddling Baba

You're not a baby!


Do your kids get baby nostalgia too? 


  1. She is adorable!!! Love these photos. So sweet!!

  2. Lol...that's too cute! Wait until she is older..she will deny deny:-) have a great weekend!

  3. I love the term "baby nostalgia" and I'm going to keep that one for myself too. She is just so adorable under her play mat. :)