Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Few Things

It's rainy here in NYC and I'm catching up on some cleaning and organizing while Lil Love Bird sleeps and just wanted to share some things that could be full blog posts but I don't have enough time to get them out as full posts so here they go . . . 
  • Halloween is coming up and no, we don't celebrate it. I grew up not celebrating it and while Mr. Love Bird did we both agree that we're not going to celebrate it with Nia. #1 it's a pagan holiday and #2 it's waaaay over-hyped so no thanks! Instead we're going to our church's fall festival on Sunday afternoon. Last year we went but Nia was too small to enjoy but I think she'll like it this year. There will be a costume contest but we're just going to put her in her bday tutu and call it a day!
  • I seriously need to think about Thanksgiving! My family is gracious enough to come to NYC although it really is our turn to go to DC this time. I don't want to spend most of the time cooking or make a mess of the kitchen so I'm really leaning towards Whole Foods Catering but making our own turkey. We've catered from there before and it was GREAT!
  • Our trip to Nigeria is coming up soon and we have a few loose ends to tie up. We're attending a wedding while there and I need to connect with my mom about sewing my dress.
  • I am really freaked out by people who tell me they read my blog but never ever comment. I just think it's strange. My opinion!
  • I've been interested in getting Nia into child modeling, but with no luck. I'm noticing the trend for children of color is biracial with big hair so maybe we can try again when Nia's hair grows out. I thought I was the only one who noticed this trend but came across this Clutch article that mentioned the favor towards light skin and loose, curly hair as well.
  • I made Crispy Golden Sauteed Fish for dinner last night after seeing it on Food Network's $10 Dinners. It came out well, but I'll use less oil next time and work more quickly with the butter sauce because it browns so fast. With steamed veggies and a 20 minute pot of bouillon rice it was a very quick and easy meal that I'll definitely be making again. 
So that's what's going on for now!  


  1. loved this post! short little nibblets of stories is nice : ) i totally agree about the people reading the blog and not leaving comments! if your taking the time to read it the least you can do it leave a little note saying at least you liked it : ) and that fish dish sounds delish! i love that show!

  2. Great on the no celebrating Halloween!! We teach it to our children in Sunday school and pastor re-enforces it. It is becomes difficult to manage when the child is in school. I have talked to Christen's teachers and they know. They are having a Fall Harvest on that day and a parade at 4pm.. I already asked husband to pick her up early on the 31st.

    The trend is not new in child modeling as I am sure you already know. Pretty brown girls are rarely selected. I am choosing not to go that route as I emphasize so much on solid character that I don't want to have her in anything that counters that. I tell her she is beautiful and more importantly so does her dad, but I tell she is even prettier when she is kind and respectful. I have nothing against child modeling just not for me. Good luck to NIA as she is not only beautiful but has a brilliant personality!!

    I can't imagine you catering for Thanksgiving:-) That is one of the two times I go all out with cooking. I totally understand your stance, heck I feel that way most days. I can only imagine what the catering prices are from Whole foods. I ordered a vegan cake from there for Christen's birthday and it was 118.00 for a full sheet!!! Absolutely crazy!!

    I too read your blog and rarely write:-) I think the process of posting a comment is cumbersome for one who only has 5 mins. to spare, but because you said something, I thought I would like you know, that I enjoy your blog. Also, there have been several times I tried to post it didn't go through.

    Enjoy Nigeria and be sure to post plenty of pics!!

  3. Oh I just learned something new about u! I grew up not celebrating it either. We need to figure out a "fall event" for Aiden to wear a little costume and stuff. Church does a children's puppet show. I want to teach him why we don't celebrate but let him enjoy dressing up at the same time. It's hard to find that balance.

  4. I'm Christian (Baptist) but my parents always allowed me to celebrate Halloween with my friends. I enjoy the festivities related to it and I'll be allowing my son to enjoy them as well.

    LOL @ the silent readers! It bothered me a few years ago when I first started blogging, but now? Not so much. I love that people are interested in what I have to say and sometimes, they are compelled enough to comment.

  5. I felt compelled to comment cuz I always read and barely comment. haha don't mean to freak you out boo!! :)

    Hmmm biracial trend eh? That seals the deal, my kid's gunna be a model! ..hmmm... Gotta pop one out first I guess.

    Let's get together soon.


  6. I didn't grow up with Halloween either (or Christmas) so there you have the conflict that arises every holiday in my house. I have an easier time accepting Halloween costumes than Santa...go figure. About the child modeling, I tried with Marlie too after reading that the Obama girls were going to change the trend toward brown babies. I had no luck either and gave up. I guess that reverse in trend is still in the works.

  7. @Rebecca Glad you liked this post - I may do this format more often. I have nearly 100 drafts in Blogger and not enough time to make them full posts. I have so much to say!

    @Marie Appreciate your thoughtful comments as always! I did some modeling growing up on Columbus, OH so thought I'd give Nia a shot. Definitely a different market here in NYC! . . . About Thanksgiving, I don't know why but catering from Whole Foods compared to cooking was oddly affordable (and I'm the queen of budgets and costs comparisons). . . I took away the Captcha to make it easier to comment a few months ago and now have a new system. I can't stand it when you have to enter codes to comment on someone's blog. Hope the new system works for you and be sure to use Firefox instead of IE!

    @April hooray for alternatives to Halloween! We used to have "Hallelujah Night" growing up. I LOVED it! East coast is a bit challenging for finding options but growing up in the Bible Belt there were plenty.

    @mrstdj I feel you on not letting it bother you but it was weirding me out with random people telling me "Oh I read your blog - I LOVE it!" I know there are silent readers, but I'd rather them stay silent or comment directly vs. telling me privately they like it. I feel like, "What are you afraid of letting it be known on my blog that you like it?!" I'm weird I know! LOL!

    @Dani you get a pass! I know you comment from time to time. Thank you! And yes, your future kids will be on the cover of Children's Vogue for sure (if it ever is published!).

    @Teresha yeah, I thought the same about Obama influencing the trend, but I do have to say I've noticed more "Obama-looking" men in ads.