Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love Birds Enjoy Harlem Tavern's 1st Oktoberfest

When I go crosstown to visit my sister and a few other friends who live on the east side I stand across from Harlem Tavern while waiting for the bus. It's a beer garden, and while I don't drink, I've heard good things about it and was excited to visit as I like supporting local establishments. 
My view of Harlem Tavern while waiting for the bus
Love Birds at Harlem Tavern
This past weekend their Oktoberfest was the perfect occasion! Mr. Love Bird and I dropped Nia off at my sister's that morning then went to a self-publishing book expo (one of the many multiple profit centers we're exploring) then on the way back she brought Nia to Harlem Tavern to meet us there. Our friend Kendra came too as did a few more of Ariane's friends. Mr. Love Bird's friends were on their way, but they were delayed and it started getting cold so we had to go. We found out later that they won a snowboard when they arrived! How random is that?!

Dandy Wellington and his Band provided tunes
Anyway, when we walked up to Harlem Tavern they were playing a polka version of Usher's Love In This Club! At first I didn't recognize but when I did I was in shock. It was hilarious! It was so funny to see the faces of the passers-by as they realized the song that was being played! One man dressed in his Alpha gear even stopped to tell us that he believed Harlem was being "occupied." Hmmmm. I just looked at him. I didn't feel like engaging him, but if he really wanted to get into it I would've explained how Harlem has changed hands over the generations so it does not "belong" to one particular ethnic group. That is indeed an entire blog post unto itself . . . 

Spending time with Aunt Ariane
For $10 admission we were given tickets to use for drinks or food. I used mine to get hot pretzels and a bratwurst. It wasn't very flavorful, but I tried Mr. Love Bird's kilbasa and raw oysters which were much better. There were several other kids there too and Nia had fun dancing around to the live music, blowing kisses and saying hi.

Nia gnawed on her salt-less pretzel
We even ended up on Harlem Tavern's Facebook wall!

Source: Harlem Tavern's Facebook Wall
I'd definitely like to go back with just Mr. Love Bird for a date night in the near future. I wish there were more places like this in Harlem especially up near us. Harlem's definitely changing so I'm sure it will happen soon!