Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Done!

Miserable Lil Love Bird
I've learned mommies can have temper tantrums too, and I'm about to have my own: 

I am ready to end my breastfeeding relationship with Nia.

Nia was never really into "babyfood," and I guess we've gone the route of BLW naturally, but since starting to wean her 4 months ago with her first molars now coming in we have regressed considerably.

With our upcoming trip to Nigeria this December Mr. Love Bird and I talked about waiting to fully wean Nia until after the trip to make the trip easier, but I'm thinking night and morning feedings would be fine by me if I could just get her to eat solids during the day. I've read that the nighttime and morning feedings are the last to go, but I can tell we're a loooooooooong way from there. And it's not just about getting her to eat mashed potatoes, yogurt, fruit/veggie slices (which, btw she loves), but getting her to eat protein which fills her up. When her tummy is not full she cannot sleep which means Mr. Love Bird and I cannot either and needless to say this is making our little household a miserable place to live right now and horribly unproductive.

Mr. Love Bird would prefer that I just go cold turkey and wean her ("That's what I would do," he frequently says), but as I've learned this is really bad for her development. Instead I just keep plugging along and reintroducing solids over and over and over and over in a variety of ways.

I feel blessed to have been able to breastfeed Nia and grow a remarkably advanced, bright and beautiful toddler, but after 24 months of pregnancy and latching on I am EXAHUSTED!

And to think I used to believe that when my first child was 14 months I would want to get pregnant with my 2nd! HA!

I've decided I need a full 12 months of no pregnancy, no latching, nothing! Just my body for me. 

It may sound selfish, but I need it badly. VERY badly. 

So that is my tantrum, and I will now go back to patiently trying to wean Nia and soothe her teething.   


  1. I just wrote a post about my breastfeeding experience, it is a lot of work and stressful at times. Momma, Just do what is best for you and Nia, you have done a great job thus far and will continue to do so regardless of the path forward. ;)

  2. Oh, I've been there! It's okay to feel the way you feel. This is a topic that breastfeeding advocates often ignore in my opinion (to the determent of mommas). I'll share a trick with you that helped my little girl feel fuller, longer (mine was eating meats either). I added a whey protein powder to her sippy cup of coconut milk (half of the adult serving).

  3. I can only imagine how frustrated you are. I don't know how old Nia is but cereal in her milk can help (that's what my aunt did with my cousin). Take some time for your body to heal and for you to remember it again pre-baby.

  4. I feel you. V is not a big eater either. The only other beverage she will drink is water. I stopped pumping and it feels like she's always on the bewb.

    I normally do a dream feed before bed and that gives me about 5 hours of unterrupted sleep.

    Thanks for sharing your vent.