Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Heart Amazon

I have been ordering from Amazon for years and each time I get a package you would think that it was a complete surprise seeing how excited I get! It kinda was when we had Nia's baby registry via Amazon as every few days/weeks a package would arrive in the mail. That was fun!

We order from Amazon every month (sometimes more!) and usually find very good deals there vs. retail stores and LOVE when we qualify for super saver shipping.

Here's a glimpse of our current order that I'm frantically patiently tracking obsessively waiting for:

Our can openers keep breaking so I hope this one lasts!

Upgrading to a larger/high tech slow cooker; this one is programmable and has AWESOME reviews!

Nia's showing an interest in the potty so we're gonna get her started with this one.

Not too exciting: just more cloth diaper liners (makes #2s a breeze!).

Do you order online and if so which stores? Are you obsessed with getting packages int he mail like me (c'mon fess up - I hope I'm not the only one!):


  1. Getting packages, I too admit, is one of the most exciting things! Thank you for entering the Beso Win an Iconic Trench Giveaway! Good luck – xoxo.

  2. Amazon all day everyday! I do subscribe & save and take advantage of the 2 day shipping.

    I love receiving packages in the mail. It's nice when there's more than 1 coming on the same day. It's like Christmas!

  3. You're not the only one! I just ordered a juicer from Amazon and it should be here a few days after my birthday. Let me know how that slow cooker works!

  4. I loooove mail, and boxes in the mail - even better!

    I'll tell you something alot of people don't know about me: at one time, I had a job in a hot in summer, freezing wear your coat in winter, dirty, warehouse. My job was to open the boxes and put the price tags on the merchandise. I LOVED THAT JOB!!! Even tho it was noisy, and yeah even birds flew in and got stuck in the rafters, I loved that job! People around me tho thought it wasn't good enough, not what I had gone to school for "you even have to bring your own box cutter, Jean, they don't give you nothin'!" Oh, but I loved that job!!!

  5. I'm in a hard core affair with Amazon as well!! I'm a serious coupponer, but I've found that through Amazon's subscribe and save, I get the absolute best prices on Pampers for my son. I get excited about every single package too!!