Monday, November 7, 2011

I May Not Be Ready for Baby #2 But . . .

I cannot stop drooling over this stroller from Orbit dubbed the Helix2
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In fact Mr. Love Bird saw me uploading this image and exclaimed, "Why you lookin' at that?!" with a tone of panic in his voice.

"Calm down!" I replied and assured him that a 2nd baby is nowhere in the near future.

A girl can just dream of strollers right???

Anyway, to see more of this stroller check out the video:

BTW we use this stroller ...

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but just ordered this one (also a First Years):

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This will help me get around the city easier since it collapses into one single piece unlike our original stroller. Also our Lil Love Bird is getting heavy for her Moby Wrap! With our upcoming trip to Nigeria I'm thinking of bringing our new umbrella stroller along and a woven wrap probably from Metro Minis - they have so many to choose from.

Anyone have any tips for navigating NYC with a walking, 20-ish pounder toddler in the winter?

I feel like it's such an awkward stage cause technically she can still be worn, but is kinda heavy making me nervous about losing my balance in ice/snow and while she can walk she isn't old enough to do so on her own with me on the streets of NYC.

I can't just stay indoors all winter  - you guys know how I am! I'm out and about NYC with Nia all the time.

Thanks for your tips!