Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Lil "Bunny" Love Bird

This past Sunday our church held their annual Fall Festival (an alternative to Halloween) and of course compared to last year when Nia was 2 months old this year she completely embraced the festival!

Nia in her makeshift costume: recycled 1st bday tutu, my old bunny ears and a gifted "bunny" onesie
First, you gotta understand that Nia LOVES other kids! When we're out if she even hears the high pitch tinkling of another child's voice she will crane her neck to get a peek. One of her first words was "baby" and although she doesn't have any dolls (I'm really big on having her play with gender neutral toys - that's what 9 years of single sex education will do to you!), she gravitates towards them at our church's nursery carrying them around and patting their backs.

When we're out at the playground or storytime she runs to the big kids trying to get their attention attempting to hug everyone she sees and the fall festival was no different. Sometimes she's rejected, and it makes her so sad. She's super friendly and wants all kids in sight to be her BFF. 

Anyway, my sister Ariane captured some cute pics of Nia trying to get Elmo's attention. She ran way across the huge gym to see Elmo when it was announced the he had arrived. Yes, we were in church, so the parable of the woman who just wanted to "touch the hem of Jesus' garment" came to mind. LOL! It was that serious. Take a look:

Here's a super cute video Mr. Love Bird took of Nia dancing with her friend Jerve (her birthday twin one year older almost to the minute!). Don't they remind you of little molecules? LOL!


I'm already looking forward to next year's fall festival!