Friday, November 11, 2011

Two Dates in Under a Week?! Pt. 1

When Mr. Love Bird and I were in pre-marital counseling the #1 thing I remember our pastor telling us was to make date night a priority. He stressed that it didn't have to cost anything, but needed to be alone time to enjoy each other.

Unfortunately, this does not happen. I think because Mr. Love Bird and I are so crazy busy most nights and also because he thinks that I am a Love Bird with expensive tastes so date night=$$$ but that is not the case despite me telling him so over and over!

Anyway, last Saturday my sister Ariane watched Nia while Mr. Love Bird and I saw Tower Heist. I was SO excited to see this movie! The previews really didn't excite me at first but little by slowly the concept of the movie grew on me with how silly it sounded! When Mr. Love Bird mentioned a couple weeks ago he wanted to take me I said, "Of course!" Let me tell you: Eddie Murphy did not disappoint! The rest of the cast was a lot of fun too, but I was disappointed to see Gabourey Sidibe as a maid, but I think it was good to see her in a lighter role vs. the heavier role she played in Precious

Overall the movie reminded me of a slapstick version of Ocean's 11 (with lots of holes!) or The Italian Job (which I saw 2x in the theater). 

Anyway, here I am dolled up on my way to Tower Heist:

Thanks Ariane for cutting off my head! LOL!
Anyway, this pic surprised me cause of how small I look. Friends and family  have been saying that I'm losing weight like crazy and indeed I now realize that after seeing this pic! It's due to Nia's continued breastfeeding. I have an upcoming blog post with more details on how I'm wasting away (and how I mourn the loss of my booty).

But back to the topic at hand. . .

So Mr. Love Bird and I had fun on our date night and I was even more excited when the weekend was over because date #2 was right around the corner! 

Anyone else see Tower Heist? Did you like it? 

Stay tuned to hear about date #2 . . .