Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Creating a Christmas Home

I've been contemplating what Christmas memories to create with my family especially now that Nia's a toddler. When I think back to my first Christmas memories they began at 3. I have vivid memories of being in Connecticut, listening to the Disney Christmas album and waiting to be permitted into the living room to open my toys. There's even a picture of me pouting on the stairs because I was told to wait! I remember the warm feeling of being with my family in our PJs and seeing all my presents under the tree. That year I received Care Bear toys as well as Strawberry Shortcake and tons of books (which I think my mom still has packed away!).

As I got older I remember fondly waking up to read the Christmas story together in the book of Luke followed by eating a Christmas breakfast of candy cane braid, sausage and egg casserole and hash browns.

This will be our 3rd Christmas as a little family and a bit different as we go to Nigeria soon after. I don't have set ideas yet on what to do that will become tradition each year, but I do know I'd like us to eventually have stockings (can you believe Mr. Love Bird didn't know what stocking stuffers were???), incorporate Elf on the Shelf and have heirloom ornaments to decorate our REAL tree with.

Christmas is different for Mr. Love Bird since his mother passed away years ago unexpectedly on Christmas morning. While Christmas doesn't hold the same happy memories since then for him, I look forward to finding ways to honor and remember his mother while creating new memories with me and Nia.

When I think of how I'd like to someday decorate my forever home (right now I'm not sure I believe in such a thing since I've been moving so much since graduating college), I came across this home via Jones Design Company that that I admire.

Here are a few of my favorite images:

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How do you create a Christmas home?