Sunday, December 18, 2011

Social Media and Travel Risks

{I have so much to say lately that I'm posting over the weekend!}

With our quickly approaching trip to Nigeria I've been very careful about publishing details about the trip especially after being reprimanded by family when I mentioned it generally on my Facebook wall. I understand our family's concern for our safety, and it's a theme I've heard around the internet:
  • Young House Love's mentioned before that when they go on vacation they don't let their audience know they're away and keep posting as normal to give the illusion that they're home; only when they return do they post about their trips.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk's discussed how people get nervous about giving away their location with social media tools like Foursquare (me included!), but pointed out many of us constantly Tweet and Facebook status update our whereabouts anyway and you don't hear about people getting their homes broken into while gone or attacked by stalkers because they do this.
Despite this I came across a post on My Life Scoop explaining this concern further. The article mentioned that it is indeed dangerous to indicate your whereabouts as a study showed that 78% of criminals use social media to plan their crime. SCARY!

The post goes on to recommend waiting until you are home to post vacation pictures and using direct message to share with people you care about rather than blasting it to everyone.

Great advice! I will be taking this and will be back from Nigeria with plenty of awesome pictures and a wonderful recap.

How do you stay safe social media-wise when traveling?