Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Brain Dump!

Oh my do I have a lot on my mind! I've decided to get it all out by doing a pre-weekend holiday dump:
  • Our 4th annual Holiday Cookie Exchange is tomorrow and I have two yummy cookies lined up both by request of Mr. Love Bird (I'll post a recap including awesome pics with my new camera and recipes next week!
  • Prep for our trip to Nigeria is well underway; Nia and I have our last round of vaccines next week then malaria pills start for the rest of us in a couple weeks. I'm holding onto the prescription inserts so I can be ready for side effects. Fun times are ahead I'm sure!
  • Speaking of Nigeria, I have 3 sewing projects to do (and a knitting project to finish!) before we leave: 2 skirts for Nia and a dress for me; I picked up some awesome material from Pins & Needles with my mom on Small Business Saturday and can't wait to get started; here's a sneak peak: 
The first two materials from left are for Nia's skirts and the third is for my dress!
  • I seriously need to find time to create a collage for our Happy New Years' card (we like having extra time to send them out after Christmas and avoid the card clutter!); my friend Melinda (mom of Nia's bday date twin!) gave me a Shutterfly code for 5 free cards which I used to make Christmas cards to send just to my grandmothers and our parents. It was the perfect amount for this and I kept one for our scrapbook; here it is (thanks again Melinda!):
Fuzzy cause I was lazy and scanned it instead of searching for the original proof!
  • I had mentioned before that I'm heading up a moms' ministry at my church and we have 4 moms who we'll be helping; I'm so happy for the new babies and LOVE being able to help!
  • I have a couple new awesome opportunities that have come my way regarding blogging and consulting and look forward to jumping in full force in 2012 when we return from Nigeria; it's all about multiple profit centers!
Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget what this season is all about =)


P.S. Regarding the title of this post, I've been reading all over the net how people get offended both ways when people say Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas and while I'm a Christian, I think of "Holidays" as Thanksgiving to New Years so it's all encompassing. Do you agree?

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  1. Ooh I'm so excited of your trip to fun. The hubby and I are planning for a Ghana trip next year so pumped about that trip. Sounds like lots of fun stuff coming up for you! Love your Xmas card too!