Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Love Birds Do Presidents Day Weekend

Mr. Love Bird didn't realize he had Presidents Day weekend off until a little under a week before. I was SO excited when he shared the news! He works so hard, and it was nice to hang out over the long weekend and relax. 

My parents were in town from Baltimore and we visited our new favorite neighborhood restaurants. My sister Ariane made the trek from Harlem and joined us. We had a family style Italian dinner then a delicious brunch the next day before they departed. 

My parents and sister Ariane
My mom shot this silly video of Nia performing her animal sounds; I love how she makes the sheep sound extra scary and evil and her rooster is spot on (thanks to Nigeria)!


A few other highlights included my mom braiding all of Nia's hair. I've shared before how I'm not a hair expert and with Nia's short curls they're pretty manageable right now but when I try to style it sometimes I'm met with tears, but I definitely need to learn how to braid (I follow this You Tube channel for inspiration). Nia did cry when my mom did it and it took several attempts before it was finished but she loved looking at her hair in the mirror afterwards. 

Also, Mr. Love Bird built Nia's rocking horse which was a Christmas present we delayed building as we knew we'd be moving to more space. Nia loves her new rocking horse, and it's something that can grow with her over the next couple years:

How was your Presidents Day weekend?