Monday, February 20, 2012

Our First Visitor!

Happy Presidents Day! My parents were here over the weekend (recap to come!) and they were our second visitors after my sister Ariane who stopped by our new place a little over a week ago as our official first guest. It gave me great motivation to get the last few boxes out of our living room/kitchen area in the front of our apartment (an official tour is forthcoming), AND it was very exciting for Nia as she loves her "Aunty Ariane" very much. All day I kept telling her that she was coming, and she'd get so excited looking at the door in anticipation.

When she came Nia was so excited that she could hardly contain herself! She was giggling, babbling and running around - she was in heaven! Ariane was especially welcome because she brought a little piece of Harlem via red velvet cupcakes from Make My Cake. Nia even ate a sliver! We let her stay up an hour past her bedtime and "Aunty Ariane" helped put her to bed.

I captured a few special moments . . .


Still getting the hang of shutter speed! (I LOVE Nia's Pooh tummy btw - it was a long time coming!)