Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Like My Bling???

Yes, I know the word "bling" is dead, but that's what BlogHer calls the new accessory I'm rocking to the left under my button. 

I'm officially going to BlogHer '12!!!

I had visited Baby Making Machine at the conference when it was last in NYC in '10 when I was due with Nia, and while I didn't attend the conference my interest was definitely piqued. I wasn't able to go last year as it was in California, but this year I will finally be there and I'm SO excited!

It will be my first blogging conference, and while I know there are others that are more intimate like Blogalicious (which is in Vegas the week after my birthday - hint, hint Mr. Love Bird!), EVO and Bloggy Bootcamp I figured why not start with the most recognized conference?

Being the Type-A researcher that I am, I've already compiled some great tips and checked out previous years' PDF guides to the conference that can be found online (2010 here and 2011 here).

Here are additional resources from previous attendees that I've found helpful so far:

Are any of my readers going to BlogHer'12? If you've been before, any advice to share?

P.S. I'll have a sign-up sheet posted later this summer if anyone would like to meet up at BlogHer '12!