Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie Spotlight: Eddie Murphy's "A Thousand Words"

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Eddie Murphy's always been one of my favorite comedians so when I saw the preview for his upcoming movie A Thousand Words I was excited to hear more about it. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out:

 Imagine that, Eddie Murphy playing a character that has limited words! During an interview he actually remarked at what a challenge this was for him and literally felt like his hands were tied. With his knack for physical comedy I'm sure Eddie did just fine expressing himself in other ways!

I'm also excited to see Kerry Washington as Eddie's costar in this movie. This is their first time acting together and I think the two of them will compliment each other well. 

Kerry recently shared some details about her daily life with Blogalicious:

Name 5  things in your purse?
1. An iphone
2. Energy Vitamin packs by David Kirsch (vitamin mineral powder)
3.  A bottle of water
4. A book I'm reading 
5. A layer of clothing (a scarf, sweater, something because I'm always cold)

What are your Top 3 favorite websites?
2. New York
3. The

What are your favorite aps?
·        Yelp (because I travel so much and I can find a great movie theater and an organic grocery store no matter where I go)

·        Twitter ( I love being able to interact with people live)

·        Instagram (it's fun because it brings artistry back to digital photos

·        Pandora (it's the best)

What are some fun things to do on your day off?
·        Have extra snuggle time with my dog
·        Catch up on phone calls with family and friends
·        Go to a farmer's market
·        Find a new recipe and make it
·        And take in some art (like a concert, museum, theater show or a movie)

What Can you not live without? 
Prayer, that's the most important relationship

I completely agree with her on prayer! She is a woman after my own heart.

For more fun, you can have a chance to win $1,000 by entering the movie's Shut You Mouth contest by sharing your foot-in-the mouth moment here.

What's the last Eddie Murphy movie you've seen? Will you be seeing A Thousand Words?

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