Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Birds' Easter 2012 in Pictures

I hope all our readers had a wonderful Easter! 

Thank you to my college friend Liz for taking this picture of us after church!
I always get nervous when I have ambitious plans because as we know, nothing really quite ever goes according to plan but I do have to say after comparing what I hoped to happen vs. what actually happened this past holiday weekend it was nearly on target! Speaking of Target . . . the dress I had planned to get Nia (the yellow one I shared here) was actually not there when I went to get it - my mom had shared that photo in the post with me from her Target in Baltimore but I guess I was either too late or the stock is different. Oh well! I ended up putting her in a dress she wore while in Nigeria and it fit perfectly as seen above.

Here's highlights from the rest of our Easter weekend:

Good Friday's Park Picnic Playdate was fun!

Nia was ready for action at Saturday's Easter egg hunt at Van Vorst Park

Stuffed French toast was SO good on Sunday - detailed post to follow!

How was your Easter?