Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grandmothers Just Know!

I was bummed on Easter when I couldn't find the dress my mom shared with me via text from her Target in Baltimore. The dresses were all picked over here by the time I went to get them. I know Easter's not just about dresses, but growing up we had a tradition of getting dressed up and I know Nia would look so cute in that yellow dress.

Well after Easter my mom said to expect a package and when the doorbell rang while Nia was taking a nap it startled her and she was not happy. I got the package and let her open it . . .

She is my little drama queen but already has been able to wear the dress twice to my sister Lauren's graduation and on Mother's Day. Nia spins around in it and says, "I'm a princess!" (I think Mr. Love Bird taught her that!).

Seeing Nia in her yellow dress makes me so happy and she'll get plenty of wear out of it this summer. 

Grandmas know how to make their children (and grandchildren!) smile!

Oh and the best part is the dress was half off - only $10!