Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Recap a Fun Weekend

We have been so busy with fun activities/outings lately that I haven't been able to dedicate separate posts to each thing we've been doing so I'm thinking collage-style posts are going to work best . . .

Here's what we did over the past few days:

This past Thursday was going to be tight with the Little Mommy event at Dylan's Candy bar followed by meeting my sister Ariane at the Penn Relays in Philadelphia. Nia and I met Rosie Pope at the Little Mommy event and were selected to do a mini-photoshoot with her. I told her how I filmed for her show when I was pregnant and Nia took to her right away showing her how she feeds her babydoll!

Nia got to take home this babydoll and also received an older babydoll in her gift bag that we'll save for her 2nd birthday!

This bathing station was Nia's favorite and she kept coming back to it; she's currently obsessed with baths anyway so this was perfect for her!

I was a fan of the candy buffet; I loaded up on snacks for the ride to Philly. The Jelly Bellies were a lifesaver and kept Nia in good spirits on our journey!
Rosie Pope really was "Pregnant in Heels"

While it was stressful getting from one place to the next, it was well worth the sweat (and near tears); I'm so glad I got to see my sister Lauren throw the shot put before she finishes her NCAA career.

Nia tried really hard to throw Lauren's shot put

Next up, Saturday we headed to Turtle Back Zoo about 30 minutes away with a few other families as part of a Meet-Up group we're a part of. This was Nia's second trip to the zoo (see her first trip here). Nia had a fun time exploring the zoo and it was just the right size for toddlers and not too overwhelming. 

On Sunday we took my sister Ariane to Alice's Tea Cup and Nia donned her fairy wings like a pro. It was my first time getting the tea tower to share and it was divine! The salted caramel chocolate scone was delicious.

After we stuffed ourselves we headed to Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The cherry blossoms were past peak and each year I can't seem to catch them at their peak at the garden despite stalking their updated bloom tracker. Nonetheless Nia had fun with her Uncle Van (my BFF) and Ariane walking all around the grounds and making friends although she was a little scared of the people dressed up as anime characters. 

Nia let the Princess hold her but kept an eye out for the characters she didn't like! She's still talking about them ("Scareeee, Mommy!")

This reminded me of the structure in the movie "Where the Wild Things Are"
This week we're excited to head to warmer weather to visit family as NYC weather looks like this . . .

And South Carolina looks like this:

What are you looking forward to this week?