Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jessica Has a 10lb-er and Bey Breastfeeds for 10 Weeks . . .

Not a huge celebrity follower, but just had to comment on two things:

Jessica Simpson had a (nearly) 10 lb girl . . .

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and was quoted while pregnant saying, "There is only one, there is only one girl. But I did get knocked up by a baller…. That’s what I get, he’s like 6’4″.”

Now Mr. Love Bird, also a former "baller" is 6'8" and I'm 5'6" and I thought while pregnant that I'd have a gargantuan baby, but Nia was a mere 7 1/2 lbs delivered at 41 weeks and 5 days (I still think my due date was miscalculated). Since then looking back at mine and Mr. Love Bird's childhood pictures as well as our body types I see how long and slim we both were as children and that's how Nia ended up. I really wanted a chunky baby, but as I've written about before, it just wasn't in our genes.

We get lots of comments about how "surprisingly" small Nia is - she's tall for her age than she is wide AND breastfed babies are known to be slimmer than formula-fed babies so since I'm no longer surprised, it still gets annoying when people make comments. Mr. Love Bird and I have noticed how it's pretty easy to match up Nia's peers with their parents based on body-type: short, squat parents tend to have short, squat kids and long, lean parents have long, lean kids. Of course what you eat during pregnancy has a lot to do with it too! 

Now about Beyonce claiming breastfeeding for 10 weeks helped her shed post-partum weight. Of course I don't know her but I do know that was definitely not the only thing that helped her lose weight. At the 10 week mark you are just at the long-awaited comfortable phase of breastfeeding and there is a long way to go before pounds start falling off. Of course, every woman is different but I have never experienced, met or read about anecdotally of a woman who this has been true for. 

I do have to say with the lack of breastfeeding in the black community especially, I am glad that Beyonce brought attention to this issue but I'm ready for the media to stop talking about it. Thank you.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Simpson and Beyonce?