Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Silly Lil Love Bird

Remember Nia's "cape" that Mr. Love Bird made? She jumped right into character and that was just the beginning of her silly antics of toddlerhood.

Here's a sampling of some of the things she does that keeps us cracking up . . .

Nia was really into the "Yimpics" as she called them
Not only does she have the gift . . .
But she shares it with me as well!
Yes, she is asleep.
I came out the bathroom and saw she did this - it scared me so badly! Reminded me of a figurehead on an old ship.
She told me, "Mommy, I stuck!" (Yes, that's a napkin holder)
To say she's obsessed with stickers is an understatement
She loves to climb
What has your kid done to crack you up lately? Isn't it hard to get mad at them when they're so darn cute?!