Monday, September 24, 2012

How Mrs. Love Bird Turns 32

Harlem was good to me on my birthday this past Saturday. 

Since returning for Sundae Sermon a few weeks ago I could not get my old neighborhood outta my mind. I miss it badly and now 8 months since we moved I know that feeling is not going away. 

I'm sure it's here to last.

We started our morning attending to some Harlem Toastmasters business - we're still proud members but have been on hiatus due to distance and lack of a club that fits our schedules in Jersey City. It was good to catch up on how the club is doing and we look forward to going back this fall to attend a meeting.

We left 145th ST and headed down to 125th for brunch at Corner Social - a new restaurant across from celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster. I was invited by Corner Social to enjoy their DJ brunch and it didn't disappoint. 

There was fantastic people watching, a cool vibe - thanks to a great DJ, and most importantly delicious food. 

Corner Social prides itself on local ingredients and is becoming known as a neighborhood spot that Harlemites of all ages can enjoy. It was definitely a mixed crowd. 

In the time we sat at the patio we were fascinated to see just how much Harlem has changed in the past 8 months since we moved. It was the same feeling we got when we attended Sundae Sermon - Harlem is definitely the place to be!

I ordered the cornflake crusted French toasted filled with bananas and marscapone. It was divine! Mr. Love Bird has officially charged me to recreate the crust at home for my stuffed French toast. It wasn't overly sweet and the crust was perfectly crisp. It came with two savory sausages which were the perfect salty compliment to the meal. 

Oh! Mr. Love Bird and I did have fruit to start, but Lil Love Bird devoured both of our plates of fruit. She had a side order of bacon and most of Mr. Love Bird's fresh cut French fries that accompanied his burger, which with it's juicy blend of meat just might be giving Shake Shack a run for its money . . .

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and it was the most food I have ever seen our Lil Love Bird eat! Her little tummy was so hard after!

She just wanted to be held after eating all that food - she says "hoe-to me" when she wants us to hold her!
From there we headed to my college roommate Maria's daughter's 1st birthday party. It was something out of a Pinterest pin! From the bunting to Alessandra's homemade dress with adorable pink bow and homemade strawberry cake it was such a labor of love - everything was delicious and so well done. 

Cuties in their dresses (and yes, I'm still trying to master low light photography)
Nia was a bit sad when it was time to sing Happy Birthday (she still sings it to herself at least every other day since her birthday), but she was a sweetie and gave Alessandra a birthday hug and kiss!

Nia made a new friend at the birthday party
I remembered right before it was time to go that we should get a family photo to capture the day (thank you to Greg, Maria's husband for taking it!):

We came out the train on the other side of the river and saw we had just missed rain. It never fails to rain on my birthday! {See past birthdays here and here.}

I was so happy to get home early because . . .

To Sir With Love came on PBS. Yes, I was such a nerd and had an alarm set on my phone to remind me. It's one of my favorite movies (and this is my favorite scene), thanks to my mom who made sure I watched lots of old movies growing up and for that I am forever grateful!

Speaking of my mom some of you may remember that yes, it was her birthday too. She had the wonderful privilege of being in labor with me on her birthday. Thank you Mommy!

Here is my beautiful mother with the family dog Tanner and her birthday bicycle:

I'm so excited because as part of my birthday gift arriving later today is my Samsung Galaxy SIII (after over 5 long years years it's good riddance to BlackBerry - I'm nervous about touch screen though, but Mr. Love Bird assures me that swipe is amazing!) then we're off to Vegas in a few days.

I'll see about being a good blogger and publishing a few scheduled posts before we go but if not I definitely will be tweeting (@HarlemLoveBirds) and maybe Instagramming too if I can get up to speed quickly with my new phone.

Thank you to everyone who sent their birthday wishes and to Corner Social for my wonderful birthday brunch!

P.S. Will any of my readers be in Las Vegas for Blogalicious?? I still have a form up here if you want to connect.