Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Of Course The Crazy Happens Right Before Vegas

Engaged in Vegas, September 2007
We leave for Vegas Thursday and usually I don't post too many details about our logistics for safety purposes, but I think we'll be ok this time, right?

Anyway, I was feeling confident on my to do lists and everything and was thrown a (actually AWESOME) wrench in my plans that has turned things upside down. Again it's along the lines of some of that good news I referenced last week that I just can't wait to share. I feel like I'm going to explode or something! GAH!

Just know that God is so, so good and hard work pays off. They work together!

So I'm working through the positive wrench in my plans and then some other things happen including Mr. Love Bird misplacing his wedding band and somehow it was found in the sofa cushions (thanks Lil Love Bird!) then while playing basketball last night something bad, bad happened to him.

I was all excited playing with my Galaxy SIII (which btw BLOWS my mind that it hurts bad, but in a good kind of way) when I get a frazzled call from Mr. Love Bird telling me he's heading to the ER.


I had finished a conference call, put Lil Love Bird to bed and made homemade pizza and was looking forward to him coming home and settling down to get some packing done for our trip - since Uka's family's watching Nia in Queens and our flight departs Thursday morning out of JFK it makes sense for us to stay over there tomorrow night so we can get right to the airport easily.

I'm all confused at this point and scared (he rolled his ankle playing ball last Friday and was hobbling around on my birthday) but I wait a while before calling his BFF who was playing ball with him and who accompanied him to the ER. He assured me that Mr. Love Bird was fine - the cut was under his eye, but didn't affect his vision. If anything his BFF told me he was pissed that his charming good looks would be ruined for Vegas. {Yes, Taurean men can be a bit vain sometimes!}

Mr. Love Bird arrived home around midnight, not before calling me to unleash his hatred of hospitals, and informed me I would have to help patch up his face since he stormed out of the ER after 90 minutes of not being seen. 

Fun times.

So I was on You Tube watching videos like this. And scrolling through the videos I saw too many things that made me nearly lose my dinner. 

All in the name of love.

Mr. Love Bird's face is now patched up and he's still hot to me - I assured him of this. And I'm thankful that in all his hotness he will have his wedding band on his finger while we're in Vegas.

So how was your Monday?