Friday, October 5, 2012

Good News Part 2: Mr. Love Bird's Time to Shine

This is a congratulatory post to my husband - in everything he does he is extremely dedicated and such a hard worker! His competitive edge coming from a career as a professional athlete definitely has something to do with it.

Mr. Love Bird then
It's been fascinating watching him transition from the world of professional sports to corporate America and after two years in his new field he was recently rewarded with a promotion. 

Mr. Love Bird now
Yes, hard work really does pay off!

The good news is we Love Birds will get to stay in NYC for a little while longer and when our lease renews we may move elsewhere within Jersey City (although deep down I wish somehow we'd end up back in Harlem in a fabulous brownstone!). 

A bit of inspiration as we consider new digs:

{Previous 3 Images Source}

Crisp, minimalist space in Sweden - I'd love to make it back there someday! {Images Source}
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

P.S. More Blogalicious posts and the third installment of my good news is coming next week - SO excited to share everything!