Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lil Love Bird Wins Big With Zutano

A few days after I shared my post about our first cruise being booked I got the news that I won a $75 credit for Zutano courtesy of Sassy Mahogany Wife. I received email blasts last week for Zutano's week of savings and each day I took a look at the offers to see if I could use them for Lil Love Bird. At the end of the week I saw a 25% off code (plus free shipping!) which I coupled with the $75 gift code and got the following:

You see that??? Only $1.88! Lil Love Bird was so excited when her clothes arrived (3 days ahead of schedule!).

We decided to do a little photoshoot  . . .

I had heard about Zutano across the blogosphere and I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality - and the superfast shipping was a welcome surprise too! Nia loves all the colors and gets excited to wear her Zutano outfit - it's definitely coming along to MD when we head there for Christmas this weekend.

Thank you again Zutano and Sassy Mahogany Wife!