Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our 1st Cruise is Booked!

We'll be going on Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas {Image Credit}
It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas here in NYC especially with the balmy 50 and 60 degree weather we've been having, but I hope it does soon so I can be excited to escape on our first cruise at the end of February!

We were hoping to go on a Southern Caribbean port-intensive cruise, but we've decided to go on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise instead stopping in Honduras, Mexico and Belize - all places neither Mr. Love Bird nor I have ever been. I'm excited about this since it will be an adventure for both of us!

I have a thing for entering contests (if you haven't noticed!) and so often people tell me they think no one actually wins them but yes, indeed they do. I'm proof of that (I guess I am good enough!). There are so many awesome giveaways too this time of year so I really encourage my readers to enter especially now. Several have low entries too so your odds of winning are good {I won a bath hoops toy for Nia from ALEX Toys' Facebook contest earlier this week!}.

Now back to the cruise . . .

There's just over 2 months to go until our cruise which is much sooner than planned as the one we originally wanted was in April. As a result I think I really need to start working on my fitness, and I mean beyond schlepping my Lil Love Bird around the city. The area that needs the most work is my core. A lot of tightening needed there!

Since it's a crafting cruise I'll have to bring a few supplies with me, and the crafters were provided with a list of a few items so we can come prepared. I've done a little scrapbooking before, and I'm looking forward to learning more. I think of this blog as a scrapbook, but for keeping personal mementos (which I have boxes of) I definitely need a better way to archive them so maybe picking back up on scrapbooking can help with that. 

There are a ton of excursions to pick from so after Christmas I want to select a few to go on with Mr. Love Bird. He's more of a stay-on-the-beach type (and even that is questionable for him as he hates sand) vs. ziplining type so we'll have to find a bit of compromise there. 

Everything is completely covered on this cruise from the airfare to our disembarkation port in Galveston, our transfers, the cruise itself, food, gratuities and even travel insurance. Scotch really thought of everything to make this a hassle free trip for us!

I've heard from a few friends that cruises really make their money on drinks and since I don't drink I'm thinking of adding a juice/soda package so I guess that and the excursions would be the only add-ons. 

If you've cruised, what did you add on? Maybe I should add a few spa treatments too!

P.S. I added a button on the sidebar if you want to learn more about the crafting cruise company!