Thursday, February 21, 2013

Harlem How I Miss Thee

Spending time in Harlem over the weekend reminded me we just passed our 1 year anniversary of leaving Harlem and I sorely miss it. 

I still follow the news in Harlem and with both my sisters living there we get back there once in a while (and for other events too as seen here). 

I know things don't always go according to plan, but a dream situation for me would be that somehow, someway we end up back in Harlem in a brownstone someday. I still drool over brownstones in my old neighborhood of Hamilton Heights and keep on top of real estate developments. 

Here's a sprinkling of real estate news and more that's making me ache for Harlem more than ever. It really is changing constantly . . .

Harvist - a gourmand's dream - opened the beginning of this year. 

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Sugar Hill Museum Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling is making progress (this was a few short blocks from our old apartment ::sigh::).

Rendering {Image Credit}
Reality: Susan Delvalle, the new director of the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling in Harlem {Image Credit}

When Wafels and Dinges comes to Harlem you know things are looking up! 

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Although not recent this Martha Stewart video on the history of Harlem's gardens is fascinating.

If I were still in Harlem I totally would've attended this Stop N Swap. Such a great idea!

And now the best for last . . . Harlem brownstones:

64 W. 119th ST (via) ...P.S. The new Whole Foods being built is less than 5 minutes away from here.

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30 West 120th ST (via) - chef Marcus Samuelsson's new home*


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*I have to share a quick idiot moment: I wasn't living in NYC yet (but wishing I was!) and was visiting a friend in Harlem. We were having dinner outdoors at Native (now closed) and while catching up a chipper, young looking man wearing a wreath of leaves leaned over our table from the mini-step above and interrupted our conversation to chat with us. I was annoyed and answered briskly to continue my conversation with my friend. Note that I was wearing a Food & Wine t-shirt (I was working on an account at the time that advertised in that magazine). A week later I was reading a food magazine (probably Food & Wine!) and noticed Marcus Samuelsson's picture - it was the young chipper man who was trying to engage me and my friend. I figured he may have noted my shirt and thought I was in the industry. DOH! Oh and I found out he was wearing the wreath to celebrate the summer solstice - part of his Scandinavian heritage.

Have you ever moved away from a place and months or years later still can't get over it? Did you return or not? Please share your story with me . . .