Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lil Love Bird & Her Geico Gecko: A Love Story

It all started when I received a message that I received a Klout perk from Geico which was a plush gecko. My Lil Love Bird had already developed an obsession with the Geico gecko from the advertisements around the city, but little did I realize what was about to transpire. It's been a whirlwind romance. . .

They met right before Christmas . . .

Some kind of ritual set up by Nia was going on here (it freaked me out actually!)

Sometimes the Geicko gecko needed some alone time (I found him in bed like this - Nia really shows she cares)

After returning from Christmas, Lil Love Bird donned her Christmas dress and booties and promised she'd never leave him again

A Little Someone moved the signed photo from our Christmas card wall (where she demanded it be included) to my office

At times the Geico gecko stands in as her prince

At night he is her ever-watching protector

Have a happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

Disclosure: I received the Geico gecko as a Klout perk and was not obligated to write this post; Nia's obsession all opinions expressed are my own.


P.S. Mr. Love Bird is away on business so we're having a belated Valentine's Day this Saturday. More to come on how that goes. .  .