Friday, February 15, 2013

Lil Love Bird's Cough: Maty's All Natural Cough Syrup Review

We've been blessed that Lil Love Bird has had pretty great health (I mostly credit breastfeeding for her first 2 years), and I can count on one hand the times she's been sick, but there is one nagging issue that keeps coming up: her nighttime cough. 

We went to her doctor yesterday for her 2 1/2 year check-up (to see how Nia's coming along check out episode 2 of Hi Virginia!), and she assured me everything is fine - toddlers just end up with all sorts of random colds and since they usually can't blow their noses too well the drip irritates their throats causing them to cough. Not to worry, my Lil Love Bird received a perfect bill of health!

To manage though and help her sleep through the night I reached out to Maty's to try their All Natural Cough Syrup. Mr. Love Bird and Nia's doctor said it was fine to give her a half dosage of Benadryl, but I prefer to go the natural route and since most of my mommy friends agree I wanted to share our experience with Maty's!

First, I appreciate that Maty's is a family owned company (and made in the USA!) - I met the owners at BlogHer '12, and they are so kind and personable (you can read more about their story here). 

Second, the packaging - I love that there's a bear on it! This definitely helps giving the dosage when Nia sees the bear. 

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Third, the ingredients. Here's what's in it:

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Isn't it great that everything is identifiable?

Fourth, the taste. While I'm not much of a fan (it's super thick like molasses and a tangy taste) my Lil Love Bird drinks it right up.

Fifth, the results. I have to say Benadryl does act much quicker to quiet her cough but Maty's is something I know I can give her more of safely without worrying about side effects, and I like that I can mix it into other things easily like her yogurt and oatmeal. 

I highly recommend Maty's if you, like me, are committed to going the natural route. 

Disclosure: I received complimentary Maty's All Natural Cough Syrup to review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Have you tried all natural remedies for your LOs? What works for you?