Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Meeting Sesame Street's Bob McGrath

When I think back to my childhood there is one show that stands out above them all: Sesame Street. I've written before how seeing the diversity and urban scenes onscreen really impacted me as a child and ultimately influenced me to move to NYC where I live now.

At Toy Fair '13 I carefully mapped out the brands I wanted to visit and when I took a look at the agenda and saw that Bob McGrath, from Sesame Street, was going to be there for a meet-and-greet I put it as top priority on my schedule for that day!

Bob was very gracious, willing to take pictures with me and listen to how his presence on Sesame Street has influenced me as well as now with my 2 1/2 year old being able to watch the Old School DVDs. Both Bob and I grew up in the Midwest and I enjoyed chatting with him about how different it was being a kid there vs. here in the big city and the challenges I face already with my daughter as a "city kid." 

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I was especially touched when Bob offered to sign a copy of his Favorite Sing Along Songs CD especially for my daughter Nia. I saved it for her to listen to on our ride back from Boston when I picked her up after our cruise. The CD has both the songs with and without lyrics so kids (and parents too!) can sing-a-long in their own voices. We listened to it around three times before Nia fell asleep happily singing the songs and bobbing along! It definitely made for an easy car ride. 

Stop by Bob McGrath's page at Allegro to check out all of his titles - they're classic songs you'll love singing together as a family! 

Do your kids watch Sesame Street? If you grew up watching it who was your favorite character human or Muppet?