Monday, May 13, 2013

A Different Kind of Mother's Day

When I opened my eyes yesterday to a dim room without rays of the usual sunlight streaming in as we've been having pretty regularly lately I was a bit unsure of how Mother's Day would be. I'm greatly affected by the sunlight - or lack of sunlight I should say. 

As I reluctantly got out of bed after about 30 minutes of slogging around the sun started breaking through and the familiar rays came streaming in. I smiled and knew it was going to be an awesome day.

And it was.

In fact, it was an awesome weekend.



Her dad was putting her in the car seat so her straps weren't fully adjusted yet ;-)

I won tickets via Random Handprints and was able to enjoy the show with a fellow mom friend . . .
This was the perfect ending to my weekend

Hope my mommy readers had a wonderful Mother's Day as well! 

P.S. I'll have my church's annual Mother's Day family portrait later this week . . .also stay tuned later today for episode 5 of Hi Virginia!