Friday, May 10, 2013

Pre-Mother's Day Stream of Consciousness

So Mother's Day weekend is coming up and I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday. My fail-safe method is to have low expectations so I don't set myself up for disappointment. So far it's working. Here's what I'm thinking about Mother's Day this year in a bulleted/stream of consciousness format . . .
Vegas 2005 (or 2006 I think!)

  • Mr. Love Bird pretty much already won in the gift department when he booked tickets for us a couple days ago on Virgin America (my favorite airline!) for a getaway to Las Vegas this fall (you can read my epic guide to Vegas here)
  • Concerning the actual Mother's Day holiday, sadly Mr. Love Bird departs that day for his monthly week away on business so I entered to win evening tickets to the NYC edition of Listen to Your Mother and I won! Just this fact alone lets me know it's going to be a good Mother's Day regardless of whatever else happens/doesn't happen - I've been hearing such great things about the show and I look forward to going with another mom friend
  • My church is continuing their annual celebration on Mother's Day by doing family portraits and having a special gift for moms; we're attending the earliest service so we can participate before Mr. Love Bird leaves (check out our previous years' photos: 2010, 2011, 2012) 
  • Thyme Maternity, one of the fab brands I met at Getting Gorgeous 2013, is sponsoring an awesome Mother's Day giveaway on their Facebook page with the grand prize being 2 winners receiving $500 shopping sprees; you can enter here
  • Speaking of maternity, questions about baby #2 still keep popping up especially because our new place is waaaay bigger than our last and the nursery could comfortably hold 3 kids however this post reconfirmed why I'm not quite ready yet for more
  • Ever wondered what moms really want for Mother's Day? Check out this hilarious post to find out
  • Won't you consider a charitable donation this Mother's Day? SHE, the non-profit I mentioned a few months ago, is doing amazing work in Rwanda bringing a sustainable business model to the communities there through creation of menstrual pads made from banana leaves. Women in developing countries often miss up to a month of work because traditional menstrual supplies are so expensive. Could you imagine that? You can donate to the cause here 
  • *UPDATE* - I had to come back and include this cute Mother's Day video from Kid President (I can't get enough of him!):

What's on your mind as we head into Mother's Day 2013? Any special plans this weekend? 

P.S. Stay tuned Monday: a new episode of Hi Virginia! will be posted