Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Flow

I can get quite obsessive about the weather forecast once warmer temperatures hit and plans for enjoying all the city has to offer pick up (our summer calendar is nearly booked including a just-added ticket to Blogging While Brown!) and gearing up for this past weekend was no different. We had so much on deck, and as I checked the hourly forecast as Tropical Storm Andrea was slated to roll through I knew there was going to be a lot of shifting going on. Despite being a self-diagnosed Type A planner I'm getting pretty good at learning to go with the flow and so that's what I did this weekend and it was well with my soul...


If you missed my big announcement Friday, check it out here!

The rain just wouldn't stop so I stayed in and had an old school laundry night


Naomi and her family are truly as sweet in real life as they are on their blog, and this made me smile (hooray for meeting fellow bloggers IRL!): 

Our 4 year anniversary is approaching and since we're not returning to Puerto Rico until next year to celebrate, this was the next best thing . . .

A quick snippet of the performance . . .


A little retail therapy after church at Old Navy (all women's wear was 20% off!); the dress on the left was sold out but alas, the app had it (I ordered the belt too!)
Speaking of church, this is my meditation this week:
Sisters (and a silly monkey!)
Rescheduled from Saturday and all for the better - it was PERFECT yesterday!
Perfect day for Coolibar
Mr. Love Bird's away on business so I was bummed he didn't get to enjoy the BBQ with us, but before heading to bed I saw this, and it cheered me up a bit:
What's making you smile lately?


P.S. Any Game of Thrones and Mad Men watchers out there??? Are you reeling like I am? WOW!

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