Monday, July 29, 2013

Columbus or Bust!

My Lil Lovebird and I are preparing to head to my hometown Columbus, Ohio today. It's been a little over a year since we've been and two years since we went to the Ohio State Fair and I'm SO excited to take her now that she's nearly 3 years old. I have fond memories of the fair as a child, and I'm excited to continue the tradition with Nia!
Enjoying Ohio corn//first glimpse of the epic butter cow
It is bittersweet though because we are leaving Mr. Lovebird behind and this past weekend we packed a lot in to make up for this. Nia woke up this morning asking for him and my heart sank a little. I know she'll have a blast though visiting family and our return trip Thursday will come quickly.

We had a fun-filled weekend . . .

We met up with my friend Kristen at the Jersey Shore

Pogopalooza 2013 with GoGo squeeZ

My daughter wants to live at GoGo squeeZ 's Mobile Playground!
Dim sum//hula hooping//silliness with "The Humans"

See you soon Daddy!
Have you flown solo with your little one before? (We got a little practice on Amtrak last week and Nia did very well - I do prefer the train to air travel!)