Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Came Right on Time

Shout out to Nia's Great-Grandma Mary for getting a crash course on the DSLR and capturing these!
Back in the city after a few days with family in Columbus (recap formulating now but a glimpse of our adventures are on Instagram)

Re-entry is always haaaaaard. Ughhh.

Anyway, the most bizarre thing happened and yes, I took a pic but no, you won't see it on social media: Lil Love Bird likes putting things in her pants/panties or whatever is on her bottom in a pocket-kind-of-way. She likes running around with minimal clothing. It's fine - whatever's comfortable! Anyway, I went to change her clothes and take her from bed to the rental car at 4a.m. this morning and found a dime pressed into her right booty cheek like it had been letter-pressed or something. It made me laugh, and when I asked her about it when she was about 60% awake later on the plane she chuckled to herself and remembered she had done it, "Oh yaaaah, Mama! I put it dere! Where is it?"

My child. She is indeed spirited (the linked book is SO good - I'm 2 chapters in and it describes her to a T!).

Well it's rainy and cool here in NYC. Lots of unpacking and cleaning to do and a bit groggy from our 6a.m. flight. The cost of getting an awesome deal on Priceline I guess (the tickets were reduced from $844 EACH to $282 - direct, taxes and fees included!).

Trying hard to be back here tomorrow, but I'll see . . .

P.S. In 11 days I'll have a 3 year old. I'm ready!