Monday, September 16, 2013

A Lovebirds' Boston Weekend

When Mr. Lovebird declined going to his 10 year reunion earlier this year I was disappointed because I was really looking forward to revisiting Boston especially after last year's trip for my reunion was so chilly and quick. It didn't feel like the Boston I know and I wanted to see the city in the way I loved it. 

This past weekend I got that chance.

Our dear friend and fellow Wellesley sister Noelle, who shared a poem at our wedding, was married on campus and although the day was chilly, the sun poked through a few times and by the end of the day it was truly gorgeous. Yesterday, when we reunited with old friends over brunch, was even better . . .

Of course we couldn't leave BC out

We may not see each other but once a year or more, but I really appreciate my Boston friends!

We visited our friend Dr. Michelle's new apartment before heading back - Nia loved all the treats! (Her apartment is tour-worthy and a separate post is in order)

We said goodbye to Mr. Lovebird for the week who had to continue up north on business
The weekend had Mr. Lovebird and I reminiscing over all our Boston memories. We've known each other our entire adulthood - 14 years now. We feel old, but in love!

Do you ever have nostalgia moments with your partner? Any fellow college sweethearts out there?

P.S. Nia had her own "then" and "now" moment