Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cozy Bedroom Tips from Robin Wilson Home

Disclosure: I am a compensated brand ambassador for Robin Wilson Home. All opinions expressed are my own. 

How I delay turning on the heat - a proper comforter!

This time of year I have a special tactic to prolong turning on the heat as long as possible and I see many others doing the same across my social media feeds: layering!

I feel the same in cooler temperatures as when summer approaches with the reluctance to turn on the AC. I really do try to wait as long as possible. There's just something psychologically about giving in and turning on the heat for the first time when cold weather starts to set in. 

When I mention layering it's not just about clothing but about bedding as well. A proper comforter can make the world of difference and in September's issue of Heart & Soul Robin Wilson shared her tips for creating a bedroom that's a sanctuary.

Here are my favorite practical tips from the article:
  • The Power of White Noise - I admit I still use white noise for getting my 3 year old to sleep, but Robin recommends it for adults as well especially for those of us in noisy urban environments the sound of running water, ocean waves or a whales can really help us drift off to sleep

  • The Life Cycle of Pillows - Did you know you're supposed to wash your pillows twice per year and replace every three years? I'm definitely not good about this! And if you're like me and wondered how to dispose of your old pillows, Robin recommends donating them to your local animal shelter - such a great idea!

  • Dust Mites Abound - Beyond their abundance in carpet, dust mite carcasses can be a problematic allergen for many as it's also in bedding (hence the pillows advice above!) and furniture. Hypoallergenic bedding can really help with this issue such as Robin Wilson Home's newly launched comforters found in-store at 100+ Bed Bath & Beyond locations nationwide as well as additional bedding available online here
  • Eliminate Bedroom TV - I've shared my thoughts before on why we don't have a TV in the bedroom, but Robin confirmed that it's definitely a bad idea because the light disrupts the brain's melatonin production

For more tips from Robin Wilson Home check out the Heart & Soul article here

How do you create a sanctuary in your bedroom?